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Building a harmonized European database on natural stones for the use of construction and restoration stakeholders. NATUREUROSTONES

The main objective of NATUREUROSTONES is to build an inter-disciplinary network to provide a range of information on natural stones as raw materials from different sources, in a harmonized and standardized way, in the form of a Europe-wide database of natural stones - the NATUREUROSTONES Database. This will encourage activities of the natural stone sector in recovering after the economic crisis affecting this sector. Exploration, extraction, processing and recycling, trading, development, skills and education are the different areas that will benefit from this consortium. The goal is to strengthen Europe´s position on the forefront of natural stone research, within the European Union Raw Materials Knowledge Base. The final, specific objective is to develop a database to supply the information to the interested parties in a harmonized and interoperable way.



Figure is from Pereira and Marker (2016). Acknowledgement to Monica Price, at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History


Dolores Pereira (IP)+ 12 partners from 7 institutions.

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European Commission
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